Where It All Started

The love of chilli and hot food has been a part of me from a very very young age. My mum is from Thailand as you can probably guess more often then not the food she cooked was very spicy! Traditional Thai salad (som tum) was my first experience. At first I cried and cried but once I had recovered from the burn I must have been crazy but I went back for more! Over the years as I grew up travelling to Thailand almost annually my tolerance and love of spicy food became higher and higher, fast forward 10 years my passion for food was outstandingly high at that point that I spent 3 years working as a chef, during this time I gained a lot of inspirations and knowledge in different cuisines.

The Inspiration

I am lucky enough to have a partner who shares the same level of love for chilli and spicy food as I do (at least I think so) over the last 3 years our passion for chillies sky rocketed! We made some different sauces with store bought chillies and my mums chilli powder, some turned out hot and some crazy HOT! We started sharing our creations with family and friends, 1 week later our friend asked if we had more sauce.. Instantly fireworks and crazy ideas rushed through my head that we could turn this into a fun business, after confronting my partner about the idea she initially thought I was crazy but soon grew on the idea! (YEEHAAA!) 

A Business Is Born

After many nights tossing and turning thinking about the perfect name for our "business" one evening we both agreed and Chilli-CHEF was born! 
We both started searching for all sorts of chillies, we could try grow to make different sauces and chilli related products, finally we stopped at 24 different varieties 16 being over 1 million SHU, our friends started laughing when we told them about our hopes of having a lush chilli garden once summer rolls around, everyone had doubts that chillies would grow in the harsh climate we live in, despite they're thoughts we went ahead with planting all of our seeds after returning from a trip to Asia. 
Once summer was in full swing, to everybody's shock we had beautiful mature plants packed full of flowers and fruit...
The impossible became possible! 

Fast Forward To Now!

One year on we have both learnt an awful lot about chillies and its industry here in new Zealand, We strive to produce 100% natural, fresh and preservative free small batch gourmet hot sauces and flavored chilli salt.
If you haven't tried our products yet then don't wait any longer check out our range now! 

We guarantee they're different from the rest!