Asian Devil Hot Sauce

Asian Devil Hot Sauce

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if you thought our Carolina Reaper sauce was our hottest creation, YOU WERE WRONG!

the Asian Devil is our hottest and only fermented sauce in our range, our base is fermented for 3 months minimum, this sauce will not disappoint with strong Asian flavors filling your mouth instantly followed by the brutal bite from the Asian Devil!

this one is a must try if your looking to spice things up in your life! 


HEAT- 10+


our Asian Devil Hot Sauce is brilliant tossed through pasta, used as a meat marinade (especially wings!), add to stir fry or any other Asian dishes or try adding to mayonnaise for a great dip, the options are endless with this sauce


INGREDIENTS- fermented chilli(carolina reaper,habanero,birds eye chilli) bell pepper,onion, garlic, ginger, lemon juice, salt, vinegar, soy sauce, water