Smokey Manuka

Smokey Manuka

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The salt in our Smokey Manuka is smoked for 2 days along with the chilli to enhance the rich smokey flavor, with a good dose of roasted garlic we created this all time favourite! 

we only use 100% natural ingredients in all of our salts for pure goodness the moment you indulge in your first grind! a must have in every chilli heads kitchen or on the table!

each salt grinder is whipped up completely from scratch every order to guarantee 100% freshness and maximum flavor!



our Smokey Manuka is the perfect match for literally every meal you will eat but especially delicious with pasta, pizza, BBQ meats, or to add heat to your bag of potato chips!


INGREDIENTS- smoked organic Himalayan rock salt, garlic flakes, garlic seasoning, smoked exotic chilli